Temporary Vehicle Insurance: General Overview

There can be ample of reasons for getting temporary car insurance over traditional longer contracts. Whether you have seasonal vehicles, or borrowing car for a few days or weeks, or perhaps using a friend’s car to learn driving, short-term car insurance may be purchased for a period of 1 day to 28 days.

In a nutshell, short term policies are fast and simple. These are drafted by insurance companies that offer same types of insurance coverage as any usual long-term auto insurance policy. The one and major difference is that temporary or short term car insurance allows the driver to pay on specific dates. In addition to this, the insurance is not even automatically renewable.

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How It Works

As stated above, short term cover provides the same amount of coverage as traditional policies to ensure that the driver is not left unprotected in event of theft or accident. These policies last between one day and a month. In most cases, short term covers will only cover uninsured and underinsured motorists, liability and collision coverage, and may even include medical payments for the passengers. More further information on short term cover in the UK visit F – LAT and YSD-TO. The prices for short term car insurance may vary based on multiple factors such as, location and model of the car. However, temporary car insurance can be a bit expensive than traditional policy. But the good point is that you are paying only for what you need, so you are saving in the long run.

Reasons for Getting This Cover

It’s very common for people to have questions about short term auto cover and what is the appropriate time to buy one. While consumers many have several reasons to purchase short term car insurance, here are a few most common cases:

1. The driver is between policies, and still needs to be on the road

2. The driver wants to insure a rental car before taking cross-country road trip

3. The guest in your house needs to drive a car for short time.

4. Taking temporary ownership of a car or any other vehicle.

5. The vehicle needs temporary protection in storage

6. The vehicle needs to be sold in sometime.

7. Relatives from another country need to drive your car for a short period of time

8. College students need to to learn how to drive a car in a short period of time

9. Immediate drive-away insurance for new car owners.

How to Get Temporary Auto-Insurance

The first step to get temporary car insurance is by contacting your current insurance agent. Details on UK providers may be found at the following:


Five In The Grove

It is important to focus on a reputable provider, offering short term plans. The better idea, before jumping in it, is to do a quick web search and utilize the benefits of free quote engines provided by several different companies. Most reputed websites offer comparison shopping to help people search smooth and speedy. All you need is to fill out a quick and easy-to-understand questionnaire to get appropriate results in an instant.

Criterion for Getting A Policy

In most cases, cover is available to drivers who are at least 21 years in age. In addition to the requirement for temporary car insurance under 21, policyholders must have:

1. A valid driver’s license

2. No more than 6 penalty points in the last 3 years.

3. No display of previous license revocation.

4. No more than one fault claim in the last three years.